About Us

We're Symple, an internet home for the newest and coolest tech accessories and gadgets. After years scouring the web for the latest, most unique stuff in tech, we decided to bring our passion to the masses and founded Symple in 2020.

We strive to bring you not only the latest and greatest, but also always the best price. You won't find overpriced upcharged products at Symple, we're here to provide a collection of affordable new tech.

We hope you enjoy perusing our store for interesting items you may have never heard of - that's what we're here for - to help unlock new fun for you. Our catalog is still young, but we make sure to hand-pick products we think you'll find fascinating. We offer top-notch customer support and free easy 30-day money-back guarantees on all purchases. 

You can reach us anytime at our live chat or at hello@symplecase.com.